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We understand it can be challenging to find the right partner who supports your vision for the company, is willing to provide you with operating latitude, and is aligned with you in executing your growth plans.


At Pritzker Private Capital, our model allows us to be a better partner to management teams than traditional private equity.

  • The best interests of our companies over the long term are our primary focus.
  • We do not have short-term exit plans, eliminating the requirement to sell when the timing may not be right.
  • We understand the liquidity needs of management and offer incentive plans with a built-in path to liquidity given our propensity to hold our companies for an extended period of time.
  • We bring significant balance sheet credibility to support future growth, showing long-term stability to customers and vendors.
  • A long history of successful business building and an extensive network allow us to provide maximum support to our management teams.
  • We use modest leverage in our transactions in order to preserve operating flexibility and to invest for long-term growth.

We are a unique alternative as a capital partner. Our differentiated, long-duration capital base allows us to be efficient and rational in our decision making, avoiding the pitfalls of private equity. Our collaborative and transparent approach aligns with management to help remove impediments to long-term value creation.​


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