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​Getting the best solution for your client is your primary concern. Finding a buyer that will offer a market price is as important as aligning the buyer with your client. Reputation matters, and you and your client prefer to work with an investment firm that is fair and transparent in its dealings.


We have a team of professionals with extensive prior investment experience working for some of the leading private equity funds. Our team members came to Pritzker Private Capital because we provide a superior solution for business owners.

  • Our long term focus on business building and value creation allows us to align better with management and business owners.
  • Flexible capital gives us significant flexibility in approaching transaction structures and investment periods.
  • We make transaction decisions efficiently and can complete transactions quickly.
  • We are committed to our core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty.

Because we are fundamentally different from traditional private equity firms, we have the ability to help you present a compelling alternative to your clients. Given our unique attributes we can help you engage new clients who may be more willing to seek out a capital partner if they are presented with the option to explore a transaction with us.


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