Our Advantage

We are not a traditional private equity firm.

Instead, we are a team of experienced investment professionals with a unique advantage that allows us to better support our companies and achieve alignment with all stakeholders.

Flexible Capital, Structuring and Timing

Our differentiated, long-duration capital base provides the flexibility to creatively structure investments to benefit all stakeholders. This same flexibility applies to our investment horizon, enabling us to make decisions in partnership with management in the best interests of our companies.

Long-Term Decision Making & Capital Support

We align with the strategies and goals of management teams to build category leading businesses. We focus on doing what is best for the long term versus simply realizing short-term gains. Prudent use of leverage preserves our companies’ operating flexibility and allows us to support their acquisition and growth capital needs.

Pritzker Experience and Reputation

We have a long history of building industry-leading businesses and remain committed to our traditional core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. We believe in doing business the right way in order to build transparent relationships with our boards, management teams, customers, and employees.

Distinctive Network and Resources

We offer significant financial resources and credibility to grow middle-market companies. We embrace the complexities inherent in scaling a business and provide access to a broad network of advisors, strategic partners and potential customers to support management's efforts to drive growth.


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