Our Companies

  • "For over 166 years, C.H. Guenther has provided innovative products with excellent customer service to leading global customers. We are delighted to partner with a group like Pritzker Private Capital that shares our values and commitment to employees, customers and suppliers.”
    – Dale Tremblay, CEO of C.H. Guenther

  • “Pritzker Private Capital’s approach to building great businesses over the long term is an ideal match for ENTACT. We look forward to partnering with Pritzker Private Capital and continuing to provide exceptional service to our customers.”
    – Dean Pisani, CEO of ENTACT

  • We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of specialty home infusion treatments and are thrilled to partner with Pritzker Private Capital. We selected Pritzker Private Capital because of their deep experience in healthcare services and differentiated long-term approach to building world-class businesses.”
    - Dr. Masood, KabaFusion CEO

  • “We are continually looking for opportunities to create innovative products for our customers and having a partner with the reach, long-term perspective and financial resources of Pritzker Private Capital gives us a very special platform for growth. We look forward to expanding the business and working together for many years to come.”
    – Matt Cook, CEO of LBP

  • “Pritzker Private Capital’s depth of resources, understanding of our business and long-term approach to building market-leading businesses makes them an ideal partner for PathGroup. We’re proud to join with Pritzker Private Capital to support the next chapter in our company’s growth.”
    - Dr. Ben Davis, President and CEO of PathGroup

  • “Pritzker Private Capital's commitment to providing long term capital investment for growth and innovation creates the foundation for PECO’s signature red wood block pallets to drive the success of our customers’ supply chains throughout North America.”
    - Joseph Dagnese, CEO of PECO Pallet

  • “For over 65 years, Plaskolite has been a leader in innovation and customer service. We are pleased to partner with Pritzker Private Capital, a firm that brings a philosophy of building great companies for the long-term and values our commitment to customers, employees and the community.”
    - Mitchell Grindley, CEO of Plaskolite

  • "Pritzker Private Capital’s specialized approach to working alongside entrepreneur- and family-owned companies is a perfect fit for us. This new partnership will give us the stability and strength to grow over time.”
    - John Ferring, Chairman of PLZ

  • “We live our core values of integrity, intensity, innovation and involvement every day – and we are pleased to work with a group that understands this commitment to our customers, suppliers and employees.”
    – Greg Tucker, CEO of ProAmpac

  • “Pritzker Private Capital is the perfect partner for Technimark’s long-term growth plans. The firm has a history of being a long-term partner and excellent stewards of the companies they acquire.”
    – Don Wellington, Chairman and Founder of Technimark

  • “We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service. We are thrilled to partner with Pritzker Private Capital, a firm that brings a philosophy of building great companies for the long term, to help us continue expanding our services and footprint to better serve our customers.” - James Devlin, CEO of Valicor


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