Barry Beyer

Barry Beyer is the founder of Pathfinder Consulting LLC, which is focused on helping companies develop sustainable and continuous improvement management systems. Before dedicating himself full-time to Pathfinder, Barry worked for 10 years at Koyo Bearings USA as a site manager.  In this role, he drove improvement in labor performance, machine up time, product quality and employee satisfaction. In Koyo’s fast paced environment, he also encouraged his team to “work up a level,” which helped to permanently solve problems and drive continuous improvement on the shop floor. Barry studied and taught FMDS (Floor Management Development System) to his team at Koyo, which was utilized as the central system for daily management allowing his plant to prosper in the razor-thin margins of a high volume automotive parts supplier.  Prior to his time at Koyo, Barry worked for four other Fortune 100 companies involved in technical manufacturing, alternating between engineering and production management roles.

Barry holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Purdue University.


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